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Mobile Toilet Or Mobile Restroom Trailers

Mobile Toilet Or Mobile Restroom Trailers

Mobile toilets or portable toilets are economical and convenient options. They are needed anywhere and everywhere nowadays. Whether you are an event organizer or have a mining or constructions business, mobile toilets fulfil peoples need of using the restroom. mobile toilets are customizable, so you can always get them made according to your requirements.

Tshifhiwa is one of the leading mobile toilet manufacturers in South Africa. We supply our customers with mobile products like toilets and other ablution units of the highest quality. We also repair, modify, and service all types of toilets for our clients. We even customise mobile toilet on trailers within 2 weeks which are highly capable and fully function We bring to you a range of choices to modify your trailer into the desired system. For years we have been carefully and responsibly designing and manufacturing an innovative range of products.
Mobile toilets come with great benefits. 

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Mobile Toilets

Mobile toilets have numerous advantages over permanent toilets because they can be used for variety of events such beach parties, food events, gatherings, or for sanitation facilities in outdoor weddings.

Mobile toilets come in a variety of designs and customizations. We have economical as well as bit luxury, which we call mobile VIP toilet, options available with us. You can choose from single or double units that adhere to all the health and hygiene regulations. Our designs are modern, made for convenience and locally manufactured with the highest quality material. We can customize mobile toilet trailers according to your requirements. Whether you want a urinal station, wheelchair accessible unit, or want a wash basin to fitted in a standard unit, we have all kinds of custom-made mobile toilets and restrooms.

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We have a team of skilled and semi-skilled personnel who take care of all the repair and maintenance work. We deal with all types of repair and modifications, be it big or small. We have an inhouse workshop for mobile toilet and restroom trailer repairs and maintenance like spray-painting, steelworks fabrication etc. We have expertise in all forms of trailer components and mobile toilet repair services. Our team of experts deliver exceptional results no matter what your need is. We have affordable mobile toilet repair prices. If you are looking for a mobile toilet repair service provider nearby then your search ends here. Speak to us and share your requirements today!

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We guarantee you a feel of a brand new for all your truck bodies and a warranty of twelve months of wear and tear provided no human interference is proven

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