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Truck Trailer Bodies Manufacturer & repairing

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Truck Trailer Bodies Manufacturer & repairing

At Tshifhiwa, we specialize in truck trailer manufacturing and repair. We take care of every aspect in-house to provide seamless and exceptional services. Right from the designing to assembling and from modification to integrating the fridge, we do it all. We carefully assess our clients’ requirements and deliver durable high-quality products. You just need to communicate your expectations and leave the rest to our smart engineers We are a dedicated team of pairfibreglass

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Our Promise To Our Clients

At Tshifhiwa Truck and Trailer Repair (Pty) Ltd, we keep our clients at the center of everything to deliver timely and efficient services. We have over fifteen years of experience in fleet maintenance, fiberglass bodies, and the trailer indust With experience comes expertise, we evolved as per the demands of the industry to one of the most trusted custom trailer manufacturers in the region. Get in touch with us for custom made truck bodies and multi-purpose trailers that are uniquely designed according to your business requirements.

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About Our Truck Bodies

Truck bodies are most commonly made up of aluminum, fiberglass, steel, or composite materials. They are primarily used in dumpers, tilters, and truck bodies, equipped with both insulated and refrigerated units. They come in all shapes, sizes, and configurations to help business owners target their services more effectively.

There is a wide range of options available in the market these days. We bring to you services backed by our years of expertise. No matter what choices you make, our experienced professionals will craft them to perfection. At Tshifhiwa, we deal in all types of Truck bodies, the best part is that you can get your truck customized according to your needs and requirements.

We Deliver...

We guarantee you a feel of a brand new for all your truck bodies and a warranty of twelve months of wear and tear provided no human interference is proven

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